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The Roman Empire2015-Mar-26

The Roman Empire


Amanda Zahui B. was supposed to be a Gopher last season. But she is from Stockholm, Sweden and by the time she arrived Pam Borton's team was already playing. So she redshirted.


But Zahui B. appears to be worth the wait.


She was 5 of 9 from the field, 0 for 1 on threes, and 1 for 1 on free throws. . Nine of her rebounds came on defense, two on offense. . She also had five assists, tying for game high in 32 minutes. . On the negative side, she committed three turnovers and had three fouls.


Here is a list of the Gophers' triple doubles:


Debbie Hunter, 21 points, 12 steals, cheap nfl jerseys 10 assists vs. Northwestern on Jan. 31, 1981.


Hunter was a quick point guard from Cloquet, Minn. She had her triple double in same game as Manderfeld set her record for blocks with eight.


Carol Peterka, 32 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists vs. Michigan on March 4, 1984.


She is in her second season as the girls' basketball coach at Columbia Heights after coaching a high school team in Atlanta, Ga., and at Hofstra University on Long Island, where she was an assistant coach for two seasons. She is wholesale nfl jerseys a three time Olympian in team handball, competing in Seoul, South Korea in 1988, in Barcelona, Spain in 1992 and in Atlanta in 1996. Originally from Little Falls, Minn.


Janel McCarville, 23 points, 11 rebounds, 10 steals vs. Ohio State on March 5, 2004.


The 6 2 starting center for the Minnesota Lynx, who happen to be the reigning WNBA champions.


Amanda Zahui B., 11 points, 11 rebounds, 10 blocks vs. Kansas on Nov. 20, 2013.


Zahui B. on what she tried to do in the stretch: "Get stops and play smart on offense. Get the ball and pass well, but mainly get stops."


She had three points, four rebounds and five blocks at halftime in 13 minutes. .


Here is a breakdown of her last five blocks four came in a 3:31 stretch in middle of cheap jerseys the 20 minute second half:


No. 6, on CeCe Harper's jumper at 8:00


No. 7, on Lamaria Cole's jump shot 8:20 into the second half.


No. 8, tying Gophers single game record at 9:40 on Asia Boyd's jump shot.


No. 9, on Chelsea Gardner's jumper at 11:31, breaking Gophers' record.


No. 10, with 16 seconds left, stuffing Gardner on cheap nfl jerseys a three pointer.


So when Goldy Gopher's school wholesale jerseys honors somebody, it's a big deal. Two were women, the rest men, including one coach.


Let's start with the women. They played together at the U from 2002 to 2005 and made the Gophers women's hockey team feared by everyone.


Krissy Wendell Pohl (she married Johnny Pohl, who played hockey for the Gophers, too) and Natalie Darwitz were always a threat to score.


Wendell was a three time All America player in college as was Darwitz and twice the WCHA player of the year. She won the Patty Kazmaier Memorial Award in 2005, given to the best women's hockey player in the land. She had 106 goals and 237 points in her career, putting her second in both categories on the Gophers' all time list.


Darwitz had 144 assists and 246 points as a Gopher, both program records. If you do the math, she scored 102 goals, just four fewer than Wendell.

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With all the hoopla at local airports 2015-Mar-26

Private plane


With all the hoopla at local airports these days heightened security and hellishly long lines flying has become less of an excitement and much more of a hassle. Even once the airport madness has been struggled through, another damnation awaits: the flight. Be it business or first class, we still crammed in there with no means of escape and we at the mercy of the providers. Airlines may advertise space and luxury for their first class seats, but there is only a thin curtain between you and the child who been screaming since takeoff. Isn travel a joy?


Well, believe it or not, it can be. Imagine a flight booked at a time most convenient for you, one Marian Hossa Youth Jersey on one security with a guard who comes to you, a hand picked aircraft catering to your specific needs, and if you don want peanuts you damn well don have to eat them. No, it not some Outer Limits alternate universe; it the world of private planes.


Some may think that first class is living well, and truly the only comfortable way to escape all the nonsense of economy class, but the only way to experience an avian utopia is through a private plane. By following the tips below, you learn how to live large and fly well.


buying a private planeHow it worksSo, you had it up to here with long airport security lines, crabby airline employees and generally crowded airports the world over. You an extremely frequent flyer and probably spend more time talking to flight attendants than to your own children. You a worldly business man and that means a great deal of travel on your part but it doesn mean you have to dread the experience each time. And, more often than not, it not just about wanting a comfortable lumbar support seat, it also about the benefits of Patrick Kane Womens Jersey having your own airborne conference room and office something regular airlines are lacking altogether.


Finding and purchasing a private plane isn as hard as it might sound. With the internet at our fingertips at all times, the task can be completed within blackhawksteamproshop.com/Jonathan_Toews_Jersey minutes. If bidding wars aren your style, keep away from eBay. There are a multitude of sites out there with ample selections and a wealth of accompanying information as well as full contact details for each seller in blackhawksteamproshop.com/Duncan_Keith_Jersey order for you to make the correct purchase.


Buying a private plane will rack up the dollars a little faster than buying a new suit especially if you planning on buying new. Cessna six to eight seaters can be found for $1.6 million to $3.8 million. If a larger 32 seat jetliner is your ideal private jet, the range increases to the 10 millions. Of course, you don always have to buy new; there are plenty of used models available and online companies willing to help you in your search for the perfect aircraft.

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NFL on Thanksgiving Day2015-Mar-26

NFL on Thanksgiving Day


The concept of American football games being played on Thanksgiving Day dates back to 1876, shortly after the game had been invented. In that year, the college football teams at Yale and Princeton began an annual tradition of playing each other on Thanksgiving Day.[1] The University of Michigan also made it a tradition to play annual Thanksgiving games, holding 19 such games from 1885 to 1905.[2][3][4][5][6] The Thanksgiving Day games between Michigan and the Chicago Maroons in the 1890s have been cited as "The Beginning of Thanksgiving Day Football."[7]By the time football had become a professional event, playing on Thanksgiving had already become an institution. Records of pro football being played on Thanksgiving date back to as early as the 1890s, with the first pro am team, the Allegheny of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1902, the "National" Football League, a Major League Baseball backed organization based entirely in Pennsylvania and unrelated to the current NFL, attempted to settle its championship over Thanksgiving weekend; after the game ended in a tie, eventually all three teams in the league claimed to have won the title. Members of the Ohio League, during its early years, usually placed their marquee matchups on Thanksgiving Day. For instance, in 1905 and 1906 the and , considered at the time to be two of the best teams in professional football (along with the ), played on Thanksgiving. A rigging scandal with the Tigers leading up to the 1906 game led to severe drops in attendance for the Bulldogs and ultimately led to their suspension of operations. During the 1910s, the Ohio League stopped holding Thanksgiving games because many of its players coached high school teams and were unavailable. This was not the case in other regional circuits: in 1919, the New York Pro Football League featured a Thanksgiving matchup between the and the . The game ended in a scoreless tie, http://www.blackhawksteamproshop.com/Marian_Hossa_Jersey leading to a rematch the next Sunday for the league championship. Richards, started the tradition of the Thanksgiving Day game as a gimmick to get people to go to Lions football games, and to continue a tradition begun by the city's previous NFL teams.[8]Several other NFL teams played regularly on Thanksgiving in first eighteen years of the league, including the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cardinals (1922 33; the Bears played the Lions from 1934 to 1938 while the Cardinals switched to the Green Bay Packers for 1934 and 1935), Frankford Yellow Jackets, Pottsville Maroons, Buffalo All Americans, (even after the team moved to Cleveland they played the 1924 Thanksgiving game in Canton), and the New York Giants (1929 38, who always played a crosstown rival). During the Franksgiving controversy in 1939 and 1940, the only two teams to play the game were the and , as both teams were in the same state (Pennsylvania). (At the time, then president Franklin Roosevelt wanted to move the holiday for economic reasons and many states were resistant to the move; half the states recognized the move and the other half did not. This complicated scheduling for Thanksgiving games. Incidentally, the two teams were also exploring the possibility of a merger at the time.[9]) Because of the looming World War II and the resulting shorter seasons, the NFL did not schedule any Thanksgiving games in 1941, nor did it schedule any in the subsequent years until the war ended in 1945. When the Thanksgiving games resumed in 1945, only one game would be played each year (except 1950 and 1952), and only the Lions would have a permanent Thanksgiving game. In 1951, the Packers began a thirteen season run as the perpetual opponent to the Lions each year through 1963.In 1966, the , who had been founded six years earlier, adopted the practice of hosting Thanksgiving games. It is widely rumored that the Cowboys sought a guarantee that they would regularly host Thanksgiving games as a condition of their very first one (since games on days other than Sunday were uncommon at the time and thus high attendance was not a certainty). Incidentally, Texas was the last state to recognize the "fourth Thursday" rule for Thanksgiving that had been imposed as a result of the Franksgiving compromise two decades prior, and had just adopted the rule (as opposed to the previous last Thursday rule) in 1961, five years before Dallas started hosting Thanksgiving games. (The fourth and final Thursdays were the same between 1957 and 1960; the last time Texas had celebrated Thanksgiving on the week after the rest of the country was 1956.) The two "traditional" Thanksgiving Day pro football games have then been in Detroit and Dallas. Because of TV network commitments, to make sure that both the AFC carrying network and the NFC carrying network got at least one game each, one of these games was between NFC opponents, and one featured AFC NFC opponents. Thus, the AFC could showcase only one team on Thanksgiving, and the AFC team was always the visiting team.The All America Football Conference and American Football League, both of which would later be absorbed into the NFL, also held Thanksgiving contests, although neither of those leagues had permanent hosts. Likewise, the AFL of 1926 also played two Thanksgiving games in its lone season of existence.Since 2006, a third NFL game on Thanksgiving has been played at night. It originally aired on the NFL Network as part of its Thursday Night Football package until 2011; NBC began carrying the night game in 2012. The Thanksgiving night game has no fixed opponents or conferences, enabling the league to freely choose whatever marquee match up to feature on that night. In some years (namely 2002), it extended to nearly all games of the weekend, and in some cases also involved classic field logos at the respective stadiums.In 2001 2004, and again in 2008 and 2010, the have worn throwback uniforms based on their very early years.From 2001 2003, Dallas chose to represent the 1990s Cowboys dynasty by wearing the navy "Double Star" jersey not seen since 1995. In 2004, the team wore uniforms not seen since 1960. In 2009, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the AFL, both Dallas and Oakland played in a "AFL Legacy Game."1920: An urban legend states that the Chicago Tigers and Decatur Staleys challenged each other to a Thanksgiving duel, in Chicago, in the league's inaugural season, with the loser being relegated out of the league at the end of the season, purportedly explaining why the Tigers were the only NFL team to fold after the 1920 Jonathan Toews Womens Jersey season (no other team would fold until 1921). The claims of it being a duel are unsubstantiated and no evidence exists that the Tigers were ever officially league members; nevertheless, the Tigers, after a 27 0 win over the non league Thorn Tornadoes the next week, never played football again. www.blackhawksteamproshop.com/Patrick_Kane_Jersey The Staleys would move to Chicago during the next season, later renaming themselves the Bears.1921: In a matchup of two of the league's best teams, the Staleys lose to the Buffalo All Americans at home. The Staleys demand a rematch, with Buffalo agreeing to a December match only on the terms of it being considered an off the record exhibition game. That later match, which Chicago won, ended up counting despite the All Americans' insistence, controversially handing Chicago the championship.1952: The Dallas Texans are forced to move their lone remaining home game to the Rubber Bowl in Akron, Ohio as the undercard to a high school football contest. Their opponent for that game, the Chicago Bears, grossly underestimate the then winless Texans and sent their second string team to the game; the Texans scored a 27 23 upset over the Bears scrubs for their only win of their existence.1962: The Lions handed the 10 0 Green Bay Packers their lone defeat of the season.1974: Unknown Cowboys backup quarterback Clint Longley took over for an injured Roger Staubach with the team down 16 3 and rallied them to an improbable victory over Washington on two deep passes.1976: The Bills offense put forth one of the best and the worst performances in Thanksgiving history. O. J. Simpson set the Duncan Keith Womens Jersey NFL record for most rushing yards in a single game, with 273. However, Bills backup quarterback Gary Marangi completed only 4 of 29 pass attempts, for 29 yards passing, and a rating of 19.7.1980: Detroit and Chicago went to overtime tied 17 17, the first Thanksgiving game to do so, and the first overtime game at the Silverdome. Bears running back Dave Williams returned the opening kickoff in overtime 95 yards for a game winning touchdown, the fastest overtime period in NFL history at the time.1986: The Lions and the Packers had the highest scoring game in Thanksgiving history. It was the best day of receiver Walter Stanley's career; Stanley netted 207 all purpose yards and three touchdowns, including an 83 yard punt return to win the game for Green Bay, 44 40. Stanley had an otherwise undistinguished career in the NFL.1989: Known as the "Bounty Bowl," the Eagles crushed the Cowboys by a score of 27 0. Allegations surfaced that the Eagles had placed a bounty on the Cowboys kicker, thus becoming the first of a string of three bitterly contested games between the two teams, the other two being Bounty Bowl II and the Porkchop Bowl a year later.1993: In one of the more infamous Thanksgiving Day games in recent history, the Cowboys led the Dolphins 14 13 with just seconds remaining in a rare, snow filled Texas Stadium. Miami's Pete Stoyanovich attempted a game winning 40 yard field goal that was blocked by the Cowboys' Jimmie Jones. Dick Enberg of NBC proclaimed "The Cowboys will win."[10] However, Cowboys defensive lineman Leon Lett chased the ball and touched it, making a live ball. Miami recovered and regained possession. They were able to make another field goal attempt, this time from a much shorter distance, and won the game 16 14.1994: Troy Aikman was injured and third string quarterback Jason Garrett was forced to start for Dallas against the Green Bay Packers. The Cowboys won a 42 31 shoot out against Brett Favre.1998: In another controversial Thanksgiving Day game, the Steelers and Lions went to overtime tied 16 16. Pittsburgh's Jerome Bettis called the coin toss in the air, but confusion surrounded the call. Head referee Phil Luckett misheard Pittsburgh's call and awarded Detroit the ball. The Lions went on to kick a field goal on the first possession, winning 19 16. As a result of the fiasco, team captains are now required to call the coin toss before the coin is tossed. It was also the first of a series of controversial games which Luckett has been involved with.2008: The 10 1 Titans routed the 0 11 Lions by a score of 47 10, one of the most lopsided results in history on Thanksgiving. The Lions would go on to finish the season 0 16.2011: The trio of games[11] was lauded as one of the better Thanksgiving Day slates of games in NFL history.[12] The night game between Baltimore and San Francisco pitted head coaches and brothers John and Jim Harbaugh against each other a preview of Super Bowl XLVII.2012: The prime time contest became infamous for the "Butt fumble," an incident in which Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez ran headfirst into the buttocks of his own offensive lineman. However, in recent years, other teams have expressed interest in hosting Thanksgiving games. Lamar Hunt, the former owner of the Chiefs, lobbied heavily in favor of his team hosting a game on Thanksgiving. When the NFL adopted a third prime time game, the Chiefs were selected as the first team to host such a contest.

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The Final Fantasy Wiki has more Final Fantasy 2015-Mar-26

The Final Fantasy Wiki has more Final Fantasy information than Cid could research


Agrias and Ovelia are at Orbonne Monastery during the time leading up to the outbreak of the War of the Lions. Concerned for Ovelia's safety as she was both in the way of Duke Larg's plans and a necessary part of Duke Goltanna's Agrias hires the mercenary troop led by Goffard Gaffgarion to also join in Ovelia's defense. One of the members of Gaffgarion's troop is Ramza Beoulve, who has changed his last name to avoid association with his brothers, Zalbaag and Dycedarg Beoulve. The monastery comes under attack by several Order of the Northern Sky knights disguised as knights from Order of the Southern Sky.Agrias, Ramza and Gaffgarion fight them off, but Delita Heiral slips into the monastery through a back door during the fight and kidnaps Ovelia. Agrias and Ramza are too slow to stop Delita from escaping on a chocobo. After she learns Ramza knows the kidnapper, they set out to recover the Princess, joined with Gaffgarion.Delita attempts to take Ovelia to the Fort Besselat, but runs into several Northern Sky knights at Zeirchele Falls. Just then, Agrias and Ramza arrive to assist Ovelia, but to their surprise, Gaffgarion betrays them, and reveals the Northern Sky intends to dispose of Ovelia. Agrias and Ramza remain loyal to the Princess, and Delita assists their efforts to defend Ovelia. Gaffgarion is driven off and the Northern Sky is defeated. Delita then relinquishes Ovelia. On the way to the castle, they came across a hostile encounter between a young man named Mustadio Bunansa and several members of Baert Trading Company. Ramza and Agrias dispatch the mercenaries and rescue Mustadio, who reveals he was being hunted because he knows of the location of the Taurus Zodiac Stone. Ramza and Agrias agree to escort him to Lionel Castle as well. After another fight with Baert Trading Company, they arrive at Lionel. Ramza agrees to take Mustadio to his home in nearby Goug Machine City, while Ovelia and Cheap Snapbacks Hats Agrias stay at the castle.They do not know Delacroix is plotting against them and Delacroix has Ovelia and Agrias imprisoned. Agrias soon learns Ovelia is soon to be executed. She subsequently escapes, but Delacroix sends out pursuit units. Agrias flees to the south, and soon meets up with Ramza and Mustadio, who are by now aware of Delacroix's intentions. Her escape from Lionel Castle is the result of Delacroix's plan so his men can hunt down the Taurus Zodiac Stone and anyone who knows the truth all at once. When they reach Golgollada Gallows, the heroes are surprised to find the Ovelia about to be executed was a decoy. The executioner removes his hood, revealing himself as Gaffgarion. Ramza and Agrias have walked right into a trap. During the ensuing battle, Gaffgarion reveals Ramza is a member of the Beoulve family, which shocks Agrias. Ramza explains he was disillusioned with his brothers' actions and Agrias accepts this explanation. Gaffgarion is defeated and forced to retreat back to Lionel Castle.Ramza and Agrias rush back to Lionel in an effort to break Ovelia out. As Ramza attempts to open the gate, Gaffgarion confronts him, and Agrias once again finds herself in a trap as several of Lionel's soldiers, including Summoners, emerge from hiding. As Ramza and Gaffgarion fight a duel inside the gate, Agrias and the rest of Ramza's allies fight back against the Lionel guards, and defeat them. Ramza, too, is victorious, and manages to open the gate for Agrias and the rest of the team. They proceed inside and confront Delacroix, but Princess Ovelia has already been moved elsewhere.Delacroix has yet another nasty surprise awaiting Ramza and Agrias. Pulling out the Scorpio Zodiac Stone, he transforms into the Cchulainn, one of the legendary Lucavi beasts. Cchulainn proves to be a formidable opponent, but in the end, Ramza and Agrias overcome him, recovering the Scorpio stone. chi flat irons Agrias remains with Ramza throughout the remainder of his quest to defeat the Lucavi. If Ramza and his party reach a city or a town, but not a castle town, on the 1st of Cancer, Mustadio buys Agrias the Tynar Rouge lip rouge for her birthday, and hints at a hidden affection for her. It costs 50,000 gil, but the player must have at least 500,000 gil to activate this quest. While not as strong as Agrias, they are stronger than an average Knight at the same level. The two knights join Ramza's party at the beginning of Chapter II. Later on at Balias Swale, Agrias is a guest yet again, starting at level 12 with the same Bravery and Faith as before, but now equipped with a Coral Sword and a Diamond Bracelet.When fought in Rendezvous Missions 11: All Star Melee, she is 2 levels higher than the highest level deployed character, and starts with 71 Bravery and 63 Faith. She is still chi flat iron a Holy Knight, and comes equipped with the Excalibur, a full set of Crystal Equipment, and oddly enough a Ribbon in her accessory slot. She has access to the Holy Sword and White Magick commands, as well as the abilities Shirahadori, Safeguard, and Move +2."A deeply loyal knight serving as one of the royal family's personal bodyguards. Was dispatched to keep Princess Ovelia safe after the death of her father, the king."Agrias appears as a summonable Legend in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. She was depicted in her default Final Fantasy Tactics outfit. Her abilities are Hallowed Bolt and Divine Ruination. She was first introduced in the event, Final Fantasy Tactics The Lost Truth Parts 1 2, in which she was a supporting character on a special stage called a Tactics Stage. In the Tactics Stage, Agrias was only seen, heard and mentioned after clearing the stage.Queen Louveria Atkascha King Ondoria Atkascha III Prince Orinus Atkascha Duke Bestrald Larg Duke Druksmald Goltanna Chancellor Glevanne Marquis Messam Elmdore Barbaneth Beoulve Dycedarg Beoulve Tietra Heiral Wholesale Snapbacks Ludovich Baert Grand Duke Gerrith Barrington Besrudio Bunansa Saint Ajora Glabados High Confessor Marcel Funebris Cardinal Alphonse Delacroix Valmafra Lenande Confessor Zalmour Lucianada Simon Penn Lachish Germonique Milleuda Folles Gragoroth Levigne Gustav Margriff Lezales Arazlam Durai Master Darlavon Aerith Construct 7 Celebrant Bremondt Freitberg

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Prince George christening set for next month as Kate2015-Mar-26

Prince George christening set for next month as Kate


LONDON Palace officials say Britain's youngest royal, Prince George, will be christened next month in the Chapel Royal at St. James's Palace.


George whose full name is His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge was born July 22. He is the first child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and third in line to the throne.


RelatedQueen Elizabeth shows a rare, casual side at her country retreat Balmoral including a snap of her great grandson, Prince GeorgePrince Harry spends night in giant, 35 Celsius freezer wholesale nfl jerseys china to train for South Pole race against the Wire's McNulty


'Catastrophic ice storm' slams into Toronto, strands travellers across the province


Toronto ice storm 2013: Photos from the GTA's winter nightmare


Ontario premier ignores Rob Ford, coordinates ice storm recovery efforts with Toronto's deputy mayor


Anatomy of an 'honour' killing: Why a Palestinian community demanded a father murder his divorced daughter


Canada's territories worried they could be could be shut out of Senate reform debates and decisions


Canada's bizarre and failed attempt to send 'the Man With No Name' to Africa and the mysterious fixer who made it happen


Freezing rain storm pelts Toronto and Eastern Canada with ice, thousands lose power


Graphic: What's wrong with this Nativity scene?


Frustrated Alberta ranchers lose property rights fight to a nervous bird in steep decline


Quiet old racehorse with a gimpy leg 'loves to run' and has a real shot at becoming Canada's newest millionaire


Graphic: Anatomy of a Stoning in IranLotto Max numbers for Friday, December 20, 2013


Rob Ford, Cheap Jerseys From China obviously: 'Women love money. Give 'em a couple thousand bucks and Cheap Jerseys they are happy'


'Annual family PR campaign': Clever online video cards replacing the traditional Christmas newsletter


Winter storms cause flight cancellations across Canada on busiest travel day of the year and the worst may be to come


Canadian military using video simulations and popular shooting games to boost ordinary training


'The object': Something deep and mysterious has blocked the world's biggest tunnel boring machine under Seattle


Insider tells why Anonymous 'might well be the most powerful organization on Earth'


Israeli police blame Palestinian militants for bus blast near Tel Aviv


The Mike Duffy Nigel Wright Senate scandal: A who's who of the fallout


Conservative MP takes his freelance diplomacy to Ukraine in support of pro EU protesters


Eating fruits and vegetables could guard against impotence, say researchers behind 'unique' study


Ottawa plans $11.5 million program to warn youth of dangers of pot while Liberals shoot back with their own ads


'A blow Cheap nfl jerseys china to equality': Tories look to defang ruling after court strikes down prostitution laws


Banff elk gets overly festive, trails 4.5 metres of Christmas lights, candy canes tangled in his antlers

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Six cities in race for new Seemandhra capital2015-Mar-26

Six cities in race for new Seemandhra capital


The Congress party announcement on the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh has triggered hectic lobbying for a new capital for the truncated State, with as many as six cities in the race.


Though Hyderabad will remain the joint capital of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for 10 years, there is a growing demand to identify the new capital well in advance so that its all round development on par with Twin Cities is assured. Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada Guntur, Ongole, Kurnool, Rajahmundry and Tirupati are vying for the coveted honour.


While political leaders are going all out to project their respective cities as potential options for the capital, drawbacks overshadow the advantages these cities have. The port city of Visakhapatnam, which is endowed with a developed infrastructure, land and a cosmopolitan culture, besides road, rail and air connectivity and a modern port, suits the capital tag. But its location in one corner of Andhra Pradesh could go against it as people from distant Rayalaseema may find it a problem. Ongole, the headquarters of Prakasam district, has suddenly come into the limelight as the best suited place. The vast stretches of government land in and around Ongole are ideally touted as suitable for developing a new capital. More importantly, its strategic location from Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema boosts its prospects. The only problem seems to be the severe drinking water shortage during summer. There is a demand to establish a new capital between Vijayawada and Guntur. Non availability of government land and sky rocketing prices of private lands are major drawbacks. However, locals say that the sprawling Acharya Nagarjuna University campus is most suited to house the Legislature, Secretariat, Raj Bhavan and government offices.


The first capital of Andhra State, Kurnool, the gateway to Rayalaseema, is also in the reckoning, with local leaders demanding that if a new State is carved out, the city should regain its old glory. It lacks sufficient infrastructure and is slowly limping back to progress after being submerged in the 2009 floods.


There is a demand to make Tirupati the capital as it is Fake Gucci Shoes developed and draws lakhs of pilgrims. Those favouring the place say that its accessibility to Chennai and other nearby districts should be taken into account. Rajahmundry is also in the race, but non availability of land could be its disadvantage though availability of abundant water and good irrigation facilities are being projected as the advantages. Leaders are highlighting the 7,500 acres of reserve forest abutting the city that could be considered for Replica Gucci bags building the new capital. It is really appalling to see politicians making money out of agitations and prospective capital city arguments. so i hope it will be the capital of our new state.


Now a new capital city has to be established for truncated Andhra Pradesh. Visakhapatnam City most probably fits the bill as new capital city as it has an Airport, Harbour, Shipping yard, Eastern Naval Command, Steel Plant, Visakha refineries, Railway Divisional office etc. However in this hour, the political class should consult intellectuals while deciding further course of action. They should demand an IIT for Visakha, shifting of Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University to Visakha, demand a new Railway Zone at Visakha. The present Visakhapatnam Railway Divisional office along with Vijayawada Division, Guntur Division and Guntakal Division should be brought under this new Railway Zone. The Airport should be upgraded as an International Airport. Shifting of American Consulate from Hyderabad should also be explored. Replica Gucci The Tsunami Warning Centre and headquarters of a nationalised bank should be shifted to Visakha. Or the proposed Women's Bank at national level may be headquartered at Visakha. Further it has picturesque locations for film shootings also. Where is Fake Gucci Chennai for Tamil Nadu, Mumbai for Maharashtra. Hence do not say that Visakha will be at a corner place.

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